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Impact has emerged as the premier supplier of high quality manned guarding security services in the UK, working with an impressive list of blue chip clients requiring guard services in a wide array of sectors and now employing over 200 staff across the country.

The manned guarding services developed by the company are as diverse as the customers it serves, with bespoke solutions that are developed to meet manned guarding needs of individual organisations and the sectors they operate in.

These services fall into five broad sectors: Corporate, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail and Shopping Centers.

Corporate [top]

The Corporate Sector demands smart, alert manned guarding security personnel to manage all facets of security, whilst maintaining excellent customer service and front of house profile. The service provided include:

Front of House Security
Physical building protection
Access Control administration and management
Reception Staff

Logistics [top]

Impact Security operate within the logistics and transport arena. Working throughout the UK for a number of major third party logistics providers, as well as self-delivery operations. These services seek to protect people and property whilst maintaining the fast moving environment necessary to ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods and products around the UK.

Impact Security's fully managed service offering includes:

  • Extensive training in the logistics environment
  • Detailed and measurable service metrics and key performance indicators
  • Vehicle tracking and escorting
  • High value product protection
  • Working in bonded environments

Manufacturing [top]

The manufacturing sector places unique demands on a security provider, where the role of staff goes beyond normal security duties to accommodate a full range of plant protection services. Impact works with a range of customers, from the food and drinks sector through to the automotive industry. The Company has responded to the demands of the market with the development of bespoke service offerings which include:

Advanced Fire and Health and Safety trained personnel
Advanced First Aid training
Management of site rules and regulation
Access Control
Contractors Induction

Retail [top]

Impact Security works throughout the UK for some of the biggest names on the high street and out of town retailers. The company has established a range of services that provide a safe and secure shopping environment, whilst deterring theft and supporting profit protection. These services include:

  • Store Security Officers
  • Store Detectives
  • Bespoke Retail and Loss Prevention training programme
  • Loss Prevention Managers
  • Store re-fit and refurbishment security
  • Fast Response Teams

Shopping Centres [top]

The Shopping Centre environment presents a range of challenges for the manned guarding security staff deployed. From managing the Mall areas and public interface, to back of house and service areas, a robust approach is required.

Key aspects of service provision include:

Award winning bespoke training programme
Detailed Centre Security Policies and Procedures
Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

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