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The key to really effective guarding is in matching the type of security guards that you require to the type of service you need fulfilled.

It's not true to say that anyone with the appropriate licence will be an effective security officer. The trick is to know and understand your guards so that they can be perfectly placed for a client.

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Whether it be concierge and front of house staff, or working in a logistics environment or guarding a part finished building site, you will get more value for money from your security guard if they have been perfectly placed. A security officer in charge of a food packaging environment may need a different set of skills from a guard looking after closed building and a guard that will meet your clients and consumers daily will need a different skill set to one who will guard high value goods at night in a warehouse.

Impact security has a great track record with placing the right people in the right place to get the result our clients need. We have an excellent staff retention rate and have a training programme that that starts from induction and carries on right through their time with us. We are a family firm that has grown over the years but still hold true to family loyalties of trust, open communication and respect with our teams.

Providing excellent security services for our clients, often can, and does mean thinking outside the box, but when it's good old fashioned security guards you need, (and sometimes only an actual security guard can solve your issues) we are market leaders within Worcestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

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