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Type of Client:

ValeFresh Ltd

Overview of Client

Part of the Fresca Group, the UK's largest independent fresh produce supplier, formed in 2007 for the ripening, handling, storage, packaging and distribution of fruit and vegetables. ValeFresh operates as a contract packer and ripener for Primafruit and for Mack, along with other external customers.

ValeFresh are located on the Evesham Bypass, Worcestershire.

What is Client Turnover?


What is the Project?

Manned Guarding and Mobile patrolling a site containing a single, modern, purpose-built facility covering 20,000m2. Dedicated inloading and outloading areas comprise 14 bays and storage areas include eight individually-controlled chillers and other ambient storage facilities. There are five dedicated ripening rooms and a blast chiller. A packhouse area and QC labs, a label room and high quality office and meeting space.

The site has parking for more than 20 heavy goods vehicles and parking for visitors' cars.

What does the Client require from us?

Assured security for their building, food stuff stock, plant and equipment.

What are/could be their Problems?

  • On Site Security
    • Plant Crime/Theft
    • Food stuff theft
    • Site Office goods and materials theft
    • Vandalism.

What Solutions can/did we offer?

Lighting, CCTV Security System enhancement, Display of Warning Notices, Coloured Paint for Marking Equipment; Stamping, Etching, acid pens and ultraviolet lacquer, mark equipment with a 17 digit security No., regular high profile patrolling with Diester point checks carried out.

What was the result when solutions were implemented?

It is planned that during the length of the contract there will be no vandalism or theft incidents recorded.

Worcestershire based company Impact Security offer a range of protection services, such as manned guarding to businesses in Droitwich.

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