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In store security is all about loss prevention, minimising theft, vandalism, shrinkage and shoplifting in high street shops, stores, supermarkets and retail outlets.

We have experience, and a very positive track record, in working with large shopping complexes and in individual stores belonging to a chain to small independent boutiques.

The expertise we can supply to our clients in this trade is one that compromises of a completed tailored solution for each different need. From uniformed security guards on the mall to control room and CCTV operatives in the back office to plain clothes store detectives we can create the combination that works best for each client.

We have experience in supplying large teams complete with security managers to run the day to day contracts with monthly management meetings with the client and senior management at Impact Security. Direct communication and team work is the key to outsourcing a large security requirement and KPI's and SLA's exist to keep the contract firmly on target.

If you're interested in this service please call us and ask to speak to a senior operations manager who can arrange an appointment to come and see you so we can fully understand and cater for your requirements.

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