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Do you own a second home? Do you worry about leaving it unattended? Do you work away for long periods or even just regular periods of time?

Impact Security has the solution. In conjunction with your alarm system we can provide domestic security to your home or second home to ensure that both your house and belongs are safe. Whether a short or long term basis, Impact Security are here to help.

Our standard procedure is that we keep your keys safely, and in accordance to British Standards, until we receive notification from your alarm company that there has been an activation. We will then call you and ascertain if this is a false alarm and if you are in fact at the premises. If we do not receive an answer to this phone call we will immediately despatch our mobile response driver. We can also be set up as the second contact dialled which will always ensure an immediate response.

All our drivers are SIA licensed and uniformed security guards who are very experienced in this line of work. They will attend the alarm and inspect the premises for an attempted or actual break in. The guard will then access the building and de-activate the alarm. If there is a problem he will call the control room who notify the home owner and the police for an immediate response. If it is found to be a false alarm we will re-set your alarm, complete a report and send a copy to you.

Whether it is a false alarm or an actual break in, you are safe in the knowledge we will be there and deal with the situation until your home is secure again.

If you don't yet have an alarm or are looking to upgrade your current system we can recommend some fantastic local suppliers who will help you get the right system in place and arrange a direct handover to us. This is particularly useful if you are very busy or away a large proportion of your time or perhaps this is a new build that is still with the builder.

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