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Key Holding in Worcestershire

We offer a Key holding and Alarm response service, across Worcestershire and the West Midlands, where we can provide security for both your homes and business' on an out of hours basis.

By holding a set of keys we respond to any activation or emergency situation at your home or business thus protecting the things you hold dear. As nominated key holders, your alarm company will forward any activations from your alarm system to us, meaning we can attend you property 24 Hours a day and ensure that everything is as you left it. You need never worry again whilst away of business or pleasure as Impact Security will always have a watchful eye on your property.

Being a keyholder is a big responsibility to hand to one of your members of staff and often when the do arrive they are worried about what they will find. It's not unusual for staff to arrive to a premises at 2am and not actually go any further than reception to silence the alarms. Factories and office complexes can be spooky places at night. There is also lone worker legislation to consider, as an employer is it a responsible request to send a lone person to a building where there has been an alarm activation without any form of support system in place?

Another thing to consider is whether your chosen person will always available? If they have been out for dinner and drinks their response time might be too long to do any good, perhaps, if unable to drive, they will not go at all?

All this can be resolved and responsibility handed over to a security keyholding company who can deal with all this for you. Our standard procedure is that we keep your keys safely, and in accordance to British Standards, until we receive notification from your alarm company that there has been an activation. We will immediately despatch our mobile response driver.

All our drivers are SIA licensed and uniformed security guards who are very experienced in this line of work. They will attend the alarm and inspect the premises for an attempted or actual break in. The guard will then access the building and de-activate the alarm. If there is a problem he will call the control room who notify the business owner and the police for an immediate response. If it is found to be a false alarm we will re-set your alarm, complete a report and send a copy to you.

This is a very cost effective service that gives business owners and senior managers the peace of mind that they have responded to the threat in the best way possible. We will also help you deter crime on your premises as we supply sign boards for each of our clients to the outer fencing or boundary of your business to let would be criminals know you have engaged Impact Security to protect your premises. As with all our services we are happy to come and chat to you about this service and can supply references as required.

If you are looking for key holding services in Worcestershire & the West Midlands, then contact Impact Security.

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