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Key holding security service is not something a business normally thinks about until it is too late.

Most businesses think that it is something they do not need and have their own in house keyholding who are willing to attend a call out to an alarm activation or they may even get paid that little bit extra for their trouble.

There are issues that many businesses do not think about or even realise when using their own people to conduct alarm activation call outs such as:

  1. Disruption to the employee and business as a key holder can be called out at any time of the night and may have to stay for a long period of time therefore affecting their work the following day, if they are physically able to attend work. If your alarm becomes faulty they could be called out multiple times throughout the night.
  2. Personal safety of your employee, worst case scenario would be that they attend site to find the burglars still on the premises, placing them in a very awkward and potentially dangerous situation.

The ACPO policy dictates that the key holder cannot live more than 20 minutes away from the alarmed address which can effect who you can have as your key holder. It may be you, the owner of the business, which means your day could be disrupted if called out also having an impact on your family life.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would your key holder know what to ask the monitoring station who informed them of the alarm activation?
  • Would they know what to expect upon arrival?
  • Would they know about crime scene evidence?
  • Would they know who to inform?
  • Would they know about repairs service?

By utilising a key holding service a security operative is informed of an alarm activation and is immediately dispatched to the address, upon arriving on site, assessing the situation through dynamic risk assessments and planning a course of action. Liaising with the local authorities and where needed get repairs sorted, all whilst you sleep soundly at home and return to work the following day with the situation resolved.

It's not all about alarm responses though as locking up and unlocking premises can also cause disruption or complications dependant on varied work timings and access availability. Utilising a keyholding service for this means you do not have to have multiple keys cut or designate the same people to stay on to do it, it also takes away the worry of lone working under the health & safety act. Some burglaries occur when a person is locking up or unlocking the premises, as the offenders know this is when most people have already gone, that's why it's being locked up. Is it reasonable to put staff under this worry or duress, key holding can improve your staffs morale as it's all taken care of for you.

Benefits of a key holding service

  • You do not need a permanent guard
  • Your staff will be safe and have no attendance issues
  • Your site is protected whilst you sleep comfortably

Impact Security supply key holding in Worcestershire & the West Midlands, and have the resources, knowledge and experience to cater for any of your needs so please call us on 0845 603 7994 for a free consultation.

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