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Evesham Town Council

Overview of Client

Evesham Town council is based in the community contact centre of Evesham. They are responsible for important decisions regarding the town and itís inhabitants. Consisting of twenty local members and ran by the mayor, itís an effective local government in the district Worcestershire county.

What is the Event?

Fireworks night 5th November 2011, is an annual event in the town of Evesham. A thirty minute display of fireworks are presented to local community in celebration of this event, which is held at Crown Meadow Evesham.

Age Categories:

Due to the event being held in a public place on this specific date, all ages of people attend, including the very young and the elderly.

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Problems in Previous Years:

In recent years there have been many members of the public trying to bring alcohol onto the site, and if this had been allowed it is more likely for fighting and uncoordinated actions to occur.

Many members of the public in previous years had tried to attend the event for free instead of paying the small entry charge.

Using sparklers in amongst the crowd was a previous issue and seen as very dangerous when considering the close proximity of one person to the next.

Some members of the public in previous years had also seen it necessary to continually turn off the generators to the stage. Meaning that throughout the evening, the lights and other power to the stage were cut off and the night was in momentary darkness.

The crowd regularly and unassumingly had got too close the fire. This is seen as a danger because if they are too close and get pushed by the mass of people behind it could possibly be fatal.

What does Client requires from us?

To ensure the evening runs smoothly and correctly the event security services we provide are carried out with the utmost efficiency and care. A main priority of the evening was to make sure that both the community and staff were safe at all times throughout the evening. This included making sure no alcohol was brought onto the site by the public, and watching over the front gate making sure that nobody who hadnít paid entry could accesses the grounds.

Our team was also responsible for watching over the money taken from ticket sales, ensuring this was safe from people who may try and take it. If the public was to get too close to the fire our staff were in place to move them for their safety.

Our security staff was also on hand to identify any of the public lighting sparklers or other fireworks within the crowd, which could be dangerous as they were stood in close proximity to other members of the public.

We also had to regularly patrol the path identifying when to move the public on, so a build up of traffic didnít occur. We had some security guiding the traffic of cars into the relevant car parks and spaces, which helped with the regular organisation of the night. We were also seen as a point of contact for any of the public if they needed help or advice throughout the evening.

What was the result when solutions were implemented?

All public and staff had a warm, pleasant environment to be in, enjoying the fireworks and entertainment without distress. They will hopefully return the following year.

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