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Worcestershire Young farmers

Overview of Client

Worcestershire young farmers are a charitable organisation ran for youths between the ages of 10-26years. They specialise in social events and competitions that involve people who live, work, or have an interest in the countryside.

What is the Event?

Winter Wonderland Ball, held at 3 counties show ground. Guests were aged 16+ and included both organisation members, and the public.

Problems in Previous Years:

Worcestershire Young Farmers Club frequently holds events throughout the year and were well aware of problems that may arise. Prior to the event we discussed these with them, and took into account the actions they would prefer us to take if such circumstances were to arise.

In previous cases, the public were accessing the event without paying an entry fee, underage guests were bringing in their own alcohol, intoxicated guests were causing incidents with others, fireworks were being lit amongst crowds of guests, there was theft of other guests personal possessions, and a need for crowd management in the car park.

Client Requirements:

It was specified to us that we needed to create a safe and secure environment for both the attending guests, and staff. We ensured there was a control of access and egress on all possible entry points.

We would need to supply a security presence over staff accountable for money takings, such as entry fees and the drinks bar.

Car Park stewards were needed to assist with guests arrival and departure, making sure the car park did not overflow and there was and orderly layout for the guests and their cars.

The Worcestershire Young framers team specified to us that they needed general supervision over all guests. This included crowd control strategies ensuring none of the guests were misbehaving. If disagreements between guests got heated, we would be on hand to intervene and separate if necessary.

As well as this, we were asked to provided personal security for VIP guests attending the evening.

Our security team would also be required to be a point of contact for all guests, regarding any problems they may have had throughout the evening.

How Impact Security carried out security at the event.

Repositioning of all security was needed, which provided not only a visual deterrent for misbehaving guests, but also an on hand person to intervene if necessary. Individuals escaping the entry fee were easily identified by guards positioned at possible entries, and escorted out.

Underage guests were identified to ensure the bar provided no alcohol to them, helping to eliminate the risk of underage drinking. Upon entry, bag searches were carried out to identify individuals bringing alcohol into the premises. If Alcohol was found, this was then taken away.

Personnel became aware of troublesome guests and were extra vigilant, to ensure no fireworks were lit in amongst crowded places. Theft of personal possessions was also reduced due to the attentiveness provided by our security.

Our security team controlled the car park before, during, and after the event; ensuring guests arrived and departed as smoothly as possible.

What was the result when solutions were implemented?

Worcestershire Young Farmers Club had a successful evening, with minimal disturbance to guests from our team. Troublesome guests were swiftly removed providing an enjoyable evening for others and staff. The organisers notified us of their delight regarding the evening and the services we provided.

Impact Security provides services including Key holding and Events security to local businesses and companies based in the Gloucester area.

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