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'All Bar One' - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Overview of service

From launch to success, we have been watching how 'All Bar One' as grown and adapted to the surrounding area and how we have pushed security to make sure people feel safer and secure when out in 'All Bar One'. Impact Security, who is an approved supplier for 'Mitchell & Butler' venues, were engaged to provide door supervisor services for the new launch of an All Bar One venue in the heart of Cheltenham.


'All Bar One' is situated along Montpellier Walk, close to the centre of Cheltenham, where many other bars and restaurants are located. 'All Bar One' is a stylish wine bar dedicated for eating, drinking and relaxing with friends and family in a safe environment.

What have we done to provide a quality service?

Our brief was to think and draw out how we could make 'All Bar One' a safe place to be when busy. We did this by assigning a project to make sure the venue was more a safe and comfortable place and to make people feel more welcome. We then did this by finding out more information about who would be attending the venue, and to know what the surroundings were like.

What does the Client require from us?

The client wanted us to make sure that the environment in and around the venue was a safe place and to assure their customers were happy with our service.

  • By making customers queue in an orderly fashion while they wait to get in to the venue.
  • By enforcing a dress code and age restriction to only those aged over 21, and only allowing them to enter the venue with suitable proof of identification, ensuring the correct target audience.
  • Our door staff were selected carefully to ensure we had the right mix of staff for the venue and to make sure the uniforms were approved by the client.
  • We held regular meetings with the venue manager and area manager to ensure the launch went well with the client and to keep a regular dialogue to provide exactly the service they required.
  • To deal with any problems and to make sure service was at a high standard.

What was the result when solutions were put in place?

At Impact Security were involved in ensuring the venue was a thriving bar with door staff tasked with meeting and greeting to the customer service levels that the client demanded and dealing effectively and swiftly with any incidents that may cause harm to the business.

Impact Security has worked hard and has looked at ideas to improve the safety for the venue. We have made All Bar One in Cheltenham a vibrant city centre bar where you can eat, drink and escape the stresses of the day with laid-back sophistication. We have also made the venue more safe and secure so people can relax.

If you are interested in speaking to us about the provision of door supervisors to your venue please contact Vicky on 0845 603 7994 or email

Worcestershire based company Impact Security provide many protection services including high quality door staff and event security, to clients in Worcestershire and the surrounding counties.

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